What is ?
Dexlize is a decentralized exchange infrastructure architecture, which allows all entities, including machines, to create their own trading markets, and provides unified access to the Dexlize Protocol external trading interface.
Open Exchange Market
Everyone can create their own decentralized exchange market through the Dexlize Protocol and exercise total control over the market price and matching orders.
Integrated Token Registry
In providing the open exchange market, Dexlize also ensures the regulation of all integrated markets. Thus, token registry integration is a necessary step towards market standardization.
Competitive Price & Liquidity
Dexlize will combine the liquidity of internal markets which have similar trading attributes, and will provide a unified interface to allow users who place orders through Dexlize to capture the merged market depth that is not available in a single market.
Dexlize Protocol
All future partnerships within the Dexlize ecosystem will hinge on those parties who can guarantee a high level of cooperation and reliability between both upstream and downstream entities.
Dexlize SDK
DexlizeSDK is a developer kit based on Dexlize Protocol, which provides ordinary developers with a quick access to Dexlize Protocol and brings them the finest development experiences.
Dexlize Token (DXL) will be used as a deposit against any trading exchange that is built on the Dexlize platform. It will also be the main token exchanged for performing various tasks within the ecosystem.
  • - Total Token Issued = 1B DXL
  • 1 Sale (23%) = 230M DXL
  • 2 Team (20%) = 200M DXL
  • 3 Foundation (22%) = 220M DXL
  • 4 System incentive (30%) = 300M DXL
  • 5 Community reward (5%) = 50M DXL
Token distribution
Next-steps in
Dexlize in the initial stage will be developed and released within the EOS ecosystem
reaching the usable stage. The following outlines Dexlize’s next-steps:
  • Front-end access to IPFS
  • Supporting cross-chain protocol
  • Supporting blockchain two-layer network, such as the Bitcoin Lighting Network
  • Introducing a stable coin mechanism
  • Adopting plug-in smart contracts
2017 Dec
2017 Dec
Decentralized Exchange solutions research
2018 July
2018 July
Release of wallet version 1.0, fully supporting EOS asset transfers
2018 July
2018 July
Whitepaper Draft
2018 Q3
2018 Q3
Alpha release of decentralized exchange (DEX)
2019 Q1
2019 Q2
Beta release of DEX Beta testing period, comprehensive code audit and appraisal, construction of surrounding exchange ecosystem
2019 Q2
2019 Q3
DEX mainnet live on EOS